Frequently Asked Questions

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I am unsure whether you can sweep my chimney, what shall I do?

Please call and book an appointment. Telford will come and assess whether or not the chimney can be swept. If he is unable to do it then he will provide advice on what needs to be done, and recommend tradesmen as appropriate. There will be a small call out charge. Often customers think that their chimneys can’t be swept, when this is not the case. Therefore, it is best to let Telford have a look

How long have you been a chimney sweep?

Telford (Junior) has been sweeping chimneys since 1972

What do you do with the soot?

All soot is put into a bag and sealed up. It is then put into Telford's skip and then disposed of properly

Do you fit stoves, cowls, and bird guards?

No, but I can recommend some excellent workmen who specialise in this














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